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Wed Aug 8 06:20:38 2001

Dear Rosie, In regards to your ribbon like stools and painful intercourse. I have just had surgery 6 wks ago because of this horrible pain from adhesions. I used to take 2 Darvocet before intercourse and 1 after. Now after surgery I am no longer taking pain pills and my bowels had cleared up but they are now getting ribbony again.Intercourse is tolerable although I have up 5 bowel movements for 2 days after intercourse.Although I know they could not remove all the adhesions. I am starting to get the ripping pains in my sides and wake up with pain in my left side again.But I can still tolerate the pain without taking pain pills at this time. My husband is leary when it comes to sex but I can't deny him pleasure because he takes such good loving care of me. And my needs are just as great, as I am still young also, at least I want to think I am and I will make the best of the time I have. Sorry to hear you are having these problems but just wanted to let you know you are not alone. And I do look pregnant sometimes too. Hugs {{{{{{{{{{{{|}}}}}}}}}}}}} Lillian

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Hi! I haven't posted in a long time as I feel I haven't really had anything to contribute as I only suspect that I have adhesions - I've never had a surgery for them as of yet. I had a Hysterectomy almost 2 years ago (I've told everyone my story before so I won't bore everyone by repeating it) but it was a nightmare complete with Staph infection, 2nd surgery, etc. etc. I have had pain everyday since the surgery (which I didn't need to begin with (IMO) - 20/20 hindsight. Anyway, my GYN (the 3rd I have consulted) says I "probably" have adhesions on my bladder and intestines. I have had bladder pain for almost a year now and have been to a Urologist who did tests, etc. and said it was probably adhesions but all he had to offer were pain meds which I refused. My new GYN's only recommendation was that I go to the Mayo clinic. After reading on this list about how that clinic doesn't really acknowledge that adhesions cause pain, etc. I really don't want to waste the time and money. I have another rather new symptom that I want to ask you all about. It's rather gross, but here goes - over the last few weeks I have noticed that my bowel movements are looking different - more flattened and sometimes I have pain (rather a deep ache) far up into my rectum. I have this same pain sometimes after sex and I don't know why I would have pain in that particular part of my anatomy after sex. Anyway, I was wondering just what my options are. I don't think any doctor wants to do surgery as long as there is no obstruction and I have regular bowel movements - just the change in appearance and a little more pain. Is this something that can stabilize and maybe never get worse than it is now (I could live with that) or do I have something horrible to look forward to and this is just the first sign of worse things to come soon. I'm hoping to hear something encouraging. I don't know if an obstruction is just around the corner (my sister in law had a Hysterectomy the week after me and already had to have a foot of intestines removed due to adhesions last year). When I ask my doctor about it, he never has much to say about it and just suggests pain pills and vaguely says something about how it probably wouldn't get any worse. I'm really hoping he's right - what do you all think and have any of you had the same symptoms? Sorry for the long post. Rosie

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