Re: gross question

Tue Aug 7 15:38:48 2001

for some reason my cap program is not working - so please bare with me in my posting hi rosie - don't be sorry for a long post you silly. i wanted to comment on your pain after sex in that area. you know-after and when i have sex, that part hurts me too. i think it's because of adhesions wrapped around everywhere in that area. do you have a good ob/gyn in your area. the reason why i ask is because you have had surgery and it sounds to me as if you do have adhesions. i remember your story and i think you should have a good doc take a peek at you. if you don't have a good ob/gyn, i'd take a look for another one. please let me know how you do ok rosie.... love and hugs to you rosie xo's ps - no question is a gross question around this neighborhood...we get to talk about poop and pee and all those other good things. thanks for being patient with my caps not working...i can't even type a question mark......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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