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From: Robin (
Wed Aug 8 07:44:46 2001

Dear Marianne I have had the barrium test done, it isn't fun. I had to take stuff afterwards to flush the barrium out of my system, which was awful! I am lucky that my husband & kids are supportive, but his family lives in the same town & can't be bothered to help him out, although they like to have his help with everything. I finally told his mom I was having surgery, she is going to cook for them while I am in the hospital. I told her that while I am in the hospital and recouping, nothing would be different around here, he has to work all day & then come home & cook & clean, but she doesn't get it. I just wish they would help him or atleast stop asking him for help. My parents are also supportive, but they live in AZ, so they arent able to help much. I hope things will get easier for you & you can find some support. love robin

Tue, 7 Aug 2001, marianne bolding wrote: >
>Well, I had an upper GI done yesterday. Talk about
>nasty barrium stuff...bluck. Completely dehydrated my
>body...and today I have a stomach ache along with
>"pure" white diarrhea. I assume this is the barrium
>trying to get out of my symptom. Anyone been there?
>I'm going to reach out for a moment here...Ever since
>diagnosis and surgeory I seem to be declining into a
>serious mode of depression. Like "Post surgical
>trauma/stress" or something. I don't just
>seems that I've had to change everything in my life.
>The way I eat, how I exert myself, eating or just
>being in public due to gas, friends you thought were
>friends---but they left you standing alone when you
>needed support (family, too), the clothes I wear
>(excessive bloating), my job and how they handled the
>whole situation with me being out of work (moving my
>office while I was out, losing my personal pictures
>and properties, threatening to fire me if I didn't
>recupe quick enough for them-even with doctors
>documents), my relationship-I was telling my husband
>last night I need more help and support mentally and
>physically...he said "Huh?" (He was watching a
>baseball game)...repeated myself and he said, "It'll
>get better."...then started yelling at the ump on t.v.
> He didn't get I needed to talk. When I told him I
>needed it desperately...he said "I'm just so tired."
>(He's always tired..or busy...or just selfish). I
>told him in advance, I wouldn't probably feel well
>after GI, I wasn't allowed to eat or even drink all
>day yesterday before the test (and it hit 105 in
>Tucson), I had only barrium in my stomach and that I
>needed him to take care of our dinner for the first
>time in 2 months. He said sure no prob. But, when
>the day rolled around...he left it in my lap again. I
>resent the fact I've been so supportive to all these
>people when they needed it...but, noone can seem to
>turn the tables back for me. My whole outlook on
>people and life is changing. I don't know...thanks
>for letting me share. And to not "thoroughly depress"
>anyone else out there by my whiny letter...How many
>cups of coffee can I drink to make my stool turn "not
>white"? LOL and Don't you hate the pimples that are
>under the whitehead so you can't squeeze
>them...but, they hurt like a you know what! LOL
>Pain-free days to all. My love, Marianne B.

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