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From: Rosie (
Tue Aug 7 15:35:26 2001

Thanks for replying Marianne! Did you have to have surgery for the partial obstruction? I think my anger with the doctor who did this to me is almost as bad as the pain! I don't have trouble with constipation and I have a bowl of oatmeal with 2 tblsps. of flax meal in a cup of soy milk & a mashed banana for breakfast every morning - YUMMY! Actually it's not bad when you use the vanilla soy milk. I don't have trouble having bowel movements and they are solidified - just rather ribbon shaped as I heard one lady on the list mention awhile back. I thought maybe it was a temporary thing, but it has remained like that for several weeks now. I have a doctor's appointment Monday (pre-surgery) so I will ask him about it. I am terrified of any kind of surgery now after what happened with my Hysterectomy. I go in the hospital next Thursday for surgery though on my - wait everyone, - don't laugh - are you ready? ------ MY BIG TOE!!!! LOL! A table fell on it a couple of months ago and apparently injured it worse than I thought - I'll be bedridden for 2 weeks and won't be able to walk for a month! Can you believe it? Do you suppose I'll get adhesions on my toe and they will form a third foot? My luck - LOL! Rosie

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> Rosie...glad you've posted. Suspecting you have
> adhesions is an important reason enough for you to
> post here. There's valuable information for us to
> learn here...and I'm glad you found this site in the
> "suspecting" stage, rather than after
> you'll have better info to learn how to deal with
> doctors, and personal decisions on how to pursue with
> this medically. My problems started like yours with
> the was a slow progression...the stool for
> me was as you explained in the beginning...slowly
> after 7 months things did worsen (maybe because the
> adhesion kept tightening up on my bowel after a period
> of time)...and mine did lead to a partial obstruction.
> I'd watch your signs over time and see if they worsen
> before making any surgical decisions. As you are well
> aware of...surgeory could worsen problems...the double
> edge sword. Have you tried a fiber supplement like
> metamucil to see what reaction the bowels will have?
> It is supposed to make the bowels more solidifed...and
> if you have problems passing them, then maybe you'll
> have more of an idea of whether things can pass
> through your bowel normally. Just a thought. (That I
> even tried myself). I am very interested in knowing
> how things go with, please post to the site
> and let us know. I send you all my best. Love,
> Marianne

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