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From: Rosie (
Tue Aug 7 15:55:14 2001

Thanks for writing Chrissy! Yes, I have a feeling the adhesions are causing the pain too. My stomach always looks like I'm 9 months pregnant too and I used to have a nice, flat stomach before my surgery. My butcher - er, surgeon told me before the Hysterectomy that the surgery "would make me happy". Well, let me tell you, I'm just thrilled! I do need to try another GYN as the last one just passed me off to the Mayo Clinic so obviously doesn't want to figure anything out himself. From what I've read though, it seems I have 2 options - pain pills or surgery. I don't want pain pills and I've been told surgery just makes things worse so the only thing I can see for the future is to just wait till the adhesions get me in a death grip and I have to go to the ER and have emergency surgery. That doesn't sound like a very bright future to look forward to and people wonder how come we all don't go around smiling like Little Mary Sunshine! Hope you get your caps to work - LOL! I could read everything just fine though! Rosie

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> for some reason my cap program is not working - so please bare with me in
my > posting
> hi rosie - don't be sorry for a long post you silly. i wanted to comment
on > your pain after sex in that area. you know-after and when i have sex,
that > part hurts me too. i think it's because of adhesions wrapped around
> everywhere in that area. do you have a good ob/gyn in your area. the
reason > why i ask is because you have had surgery and it sounds to me as if you do
> have adhesions. i remember your story and i think you should have a good
doc > take a peek at you. if you don't have a good ob/gyn, i'd take a look for
> another one. please let me know how you do ok rosie....
> love and hugs to you rosie xo's ps - no question is a gross question
around > this neighborhood...we get to talk about poop and pee and all those other
> good things. thanks for being patient with my caps not working...i can't
> even type a question mark......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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