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From: Rosie (
Wed Aug 8 13:01:57 2001

Hi Janet! Thanks for writing. That's an interesting thought about the foods you mentioned. I hadn't thought about the meat, pizza and other hard to digest foods as contributing to an obstruction. I've read that several on the list have lost weight. I on the other hand keep gaining so maybe I'm eating the wrong things! I've tried to start an exercise program, but now that my toe is going to cause me to be couch bound for awhile, that will be starting over at square one too. Thanks for sharing your insight with me! Rosie

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> Dear Rosie,
> I'm glad you wrote in, and hope you will continue....ther is
> no prerequisite for the hows and whys of your pain. What you've described
is > familiar to most of us I'm sure who suffer with adhesions, especially of
the > pelvic region. That deep recal pain is a real booger, and I'm sorry you're
> experiencing that. I experience that (well, used to!), during sex, as well
as > with bm, or sometimes even for periods of time afterwards. Because
adhesions can > pull or distort your rectum, sigmoid colon, etc., this can cause the
"pressed" > poop you described.
> I try to prevent bowel obstructions by sticking to foods that
> will easily pass through, this gives me less fear and more peace of mind.
If you > were to eat pizza, meat or other foods that are hard to digest or pass,
you will > probably be more at risk if it is in fact adhesions that are causing
narrowing > in your intestines.
> Please keep posting!
> Love and hugs,
> Janet

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