Re: gross question

From: Rosie (
Tue Aug 14 05:08:02 2001

I hope you are still doing well! I don't blame you for trying your best to stay away from docs and meds. If I had stayed away from them to begin with I wouldn't be in this situation now. 20/20 hindsight though! Anyway, I certainly hope the Suprafilm works for you and you'll have no more problems. Wouldn't that be wonderful! Rosie

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> Dear Rosie,
> They did use Suprafilm for this surgery, One of the last surgeriesI
had > they used intergel. I am not in pain like I was so I can tolerate it. I
don't > want to have any more surgery I didn't want this past one but the pain had
> taken over 95% of my life and I was living off of lots of pain pills and
> making everyone around me miserable. I am now taking motrin to control
this > dicomfort and I will fight to stay away from anything stronger as long as
I > can. I refuse to allow these damn adhesions to knock me down again. I am
> trying my best to stay away from docs and meds.

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