Intestinal Pain and adhesions

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Hi I do agree with the fact that Surgery can make things worse for most with adhesions.  how ever mine were from an unknown source and I did not have surgery to get adhesions.  I have Clubbed Falopian tubes, I have written a few times regarding my condition, I was told that I do not have endo.  But Surgery saved me.  for 2 years I took at least 1-2 days off a month with AWEFULL pain during the heavy days of menstruation.  surgery took that pain away.  I still can't get pregnant however I am better off.  But I had a Cyst rupture and the Emergency room doctors thought it was 70% chance that it was my appendix.  now 6 months after that surgery I can feel where my appendix was.  My appendix was in such a position that if I did have appendicitis I could have lost my right ovary, part of my bowl or worse!  so its blessing in disguise I guess.  So the original surgery was a success 3 years after still no pain but 6 months later pain returning in a cronic way.  Sucks but its true.  i have a laproscopic view of my insides scheduled in March or April to see how much they have grown back, having Children are more important than being pain free. Jen

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>Anyway, with the fact that this pain could be any combination of endo
>and/or adhesions on both pelvic organs and bowel, I am not sure who to
>see for a potential surgery? Do I go to a gynecologist and a bowel
>surgeon or both?

This is merely my opinion but it makes me cringe when people believe surgery is the answer and it is because of surgery we are all in this adhesion hell.

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