Re: Intestinal Pain and adhesions

From: Donna (
Wed Nov 8 19:53:25 2006

At Sun, 29 Oct 2006, Natalie wrote: >
>I'm back. I've posted several times over the years and most recently
>with my terrible experience with Zelnorm. Thank you all for your
>individual replies. Short refresher: Endo for 20 years with bowel
>symtpoms for all 20. Multiple surgeries, with the last in Jan 02 to
>remove deep, fibrotic endo.

Hi Natalie,
Its funny I ask my MD why it hurts more when I lay down and he couldn't give
me an
answer. In fact no one could!
I have been suffering for 10 years now, just recently (2 weeks ago) had
surgery for cut back of adhesion. I must tell you I feel a 100% better
In my heart I know its only temporary, considering this was surgery #6. I
have been
averaging 1 or 2 a year these past 2 years.
I am grateful to have a break from the pain. I found that modifing my diet
alot, only draw back is I lost 38lbs. I actually weigh less than my 16 old
It takes alot of work & planning of meals to get by, but we all seem to do
Take Care

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