Re: Intestinal Pain and adhesions

From: Ann (
Wed Nov 8 19:56:19 2006

Natalie, What Pat wrote is so true, if most of the sufferers were men things would be a lot different. My symptoms sound almost identical to yours including the pain around the hips and lower back - kidneys, having to shuffle like "an old person" no insult intended to anyone. I too can feel the blockage symptoms coming and it makes me nervous which doesn't help but I go into the modification mode too. NOBODY should have to live life this! My quality of life is rotten and I never thought I would have to work at gaining weight but I don't like it. My last surgeon was very good but I ended up with a total bowel obstruction the "magical" 14 days after removal of adhesions and that was mostly because I have had so many partial small bowel obstructions in the past the condition of my small bowel was awful and the condition following surgey was prime for a total obstruction. I just thank God I have a doctor who knows or believes me and treats me symtomatically. My last surgery ended me hospitalized for 15 days and I can't remember 3 of them - I hate that too but to the point I am not looking forward to a repeat performance but I don't know many that have a total obstruction and not another...oh goody! Wow I guess I have a lot of anger built up, huh. My Internist is great and did find an anti-depressive that doesn't make me a nervous wreck so at least I am getting a little sleep now and that helps, you should of heard me before!!! In case anyone is interested the drug is Remeron and you take it at night, I had been through literally 6 other medications before this one. Good luck to you, I can empathize believe me. Ann in Georgia

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