Re: Intestinal Pain and adhesions

From: Ms Lee (
Thu Nov 2 09:51:38 2006

>Anyway, with the fact that this pain could be any combination of endo
>and/or adhesions on both pelvic organs and bowel, I am not sure who to
>see for a potential surgery? Do I go to a gynecologist and a bowel
>surgeon or both?

This is merely my opinion but it makes me cringe when people believe surgery is the answer and it is because of surgery we are all in this adhesion hell.

At some point the surgery option cycle needs to end. Anyone with extensive surgical history is high risk and surgeons are reluctant to go inside unless the case is "emergent", meaning if they do not you could die. Anyone with extensive surgical history is not the best candidate because you risk relapsing back to where you were before surgery as well as complications you did not expect.

At some point most adhesion suffers hit the surgical "wall" where surgery is no longer an option. You will be refused.

I wish people would accept surgery as NOT the best option before they have to endure the rejections. At some point we all have to "accept" where we are at, the pain, the discomfort and the life changing restrictions our disease places on us. They can only go in so many times, each time they go in it gets more complicated and more adhesions form [unless your a candidate for some adhesion barrier, something new].

Just like pain management, so many people expect 100% pain relief and that is just not "real". Pain management is to help you get along, it was never intended for total 100% solution even tho some get those ratio's.

Our disease is about acceptance and so many people cannot do this and are always searching for a miracle surgeon or drug. I am NOT saying some have had success in Germany, but not everyone can be assured those successful outcomes.

I know some will find my words offending, but I am one of you, my surgical history reads like a book, and I am now suffering with entero-colonic fistula's a complication of surgery and bowel manipulation. If they did surgery I would be sailing the same boat I am now 2 years later and maybe why take such a gamble????????????????

This disease has already taken so much quality of life from us, and its up to us what we do with the rest of our life. We can lay around and wreck our life discouraged, or we can get support, meds or whatever so that we will at least jump into the next day and embrace it.

I rolled the dice last in Dec 1994 and OPTED and elected for the surgeons to go in and clean out the adhesions. Yes, they found frozen bowel, a ton of extensive adhesions, and several loops of bowel kinked [partials]. I got 2 years relief and became worse over time which exceeds the pain I had that drove me to that 1994 surgery.


I got entero-colonic fistula's, so actually the surgery made me worse off in the long run.

Now, I accept my disease, I am pain medicated because I try to live a normal life the best I can, I accept my new high fiber, low carb diet to stop bowel obstructions, and ultimately I found happiness within myself and thank God for every day I can get out of bed.

This disease has already cost me so much [I am on disability now] and has taken quality of life from me. But I will NOT surrender or give up any more quality of life by making bad choices.

I was limiting my world and making it smaller. I became a hermit in my house, I gave up all my hobbies and interests...I did this.........I wrecked my personal relationships. The disease cost me my career and the list goes on.


It took me years to change my attitude and when I did, this disease does not RULE my life. Last week I was diagnosed with malignant melonoma [mole cancer], this is the most deadliest cancer but my outlook and attitude will allow me to sail thru my treatment.

God Bless You All, it sucks to be us sometimes. We all can hold on to hope, and medical advancements to help us. But in the mean time, do NOT throw the baby out in the bath water! :-)

All My Love :-)

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