Re: Intestinal Pain and adhesions

From: Pat (
Thu Nov 2 09:45:30 2006

At Sun, 29 Oct 2006, Natalie wrote: >
>I'm back. I've posted several times over the years and most recently
>with my terrible experience with Zelnorm. Thank you all for your
>individual replies. Short refresher: Endo for 20 years with bowel
>symtpoms for all 20. Multiple surgeries, with the last in Jan 02 to
>remove deep, fibrotic endo.
>Still having what I believe to be intermittent partial bowel
>obstructions. I have been in severe pain for the last 2 days. Totally
>my fault as I simply ate too much the past week (relatively speaking,
>hardly what "normal people" can eat). Yesterday I went into crisis
>management mode, keeping my intake to all know the drill.
>The pain starts from the left and goes directly across my abdomen. If
>you press on certain areas they are really sore. I also have pain
>around my kidneys and my hips were killing me yesterday. I shuffled
>around like an old lady. And why is my pain always so much worse when I
>am lying down? Does anyone else experience that??

Natalie, my heart goes out to you. I would think that you would need to see a surgeon who knows about adhesions. Mine retired last year, so all I have is my pain man. dr to help me. I see mine tomorrow and I am at the point where I could shove my fist through my abdomen and pull everything out---that's how bad the pain gets. I was once a very active gardener and walker and I have been reduced to a depressed, don't care person. I am up all night because the pain meds keep me awake and the doxipen doesn't help me get to sleep until the wee hours of the morning. Thank goodness my children are all grown, because I would be in no condition to care for them. My prayers are for someone to find a cure for all of us. If more men suffered from ARD, there would be more studies being done, but since the majority of sufferers are women, I feel like they don't care. Best wishes to you.


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