Re: Intestinal Pain and adhesions

From: Robin M (
Wed Nov 8 19:56:34 2006

Ms Lee, in some respects I agree with you, but why suffer! I too lost my life to adhesions. But with the right combination with an adhesion surgeon and the right barrier, Spray Gel, I have my life back!! Before my surgery, I was on 3 strong pain meds, prescription ibuprofen, sleeping pills, meds to make my intestines work. I was in bed 24/7. I had suffered from adhesions since 1983!! Now I am 100% adhesion free and 100% adhesion pain free. I have been this way for almost 3 1/2 years. Yes, I went to Germany. I saw an incredible surgeon. I believe I owe my life to him, because he was the only surgeon who thought he could help me. Yes, it is expensive, but so is lying in bed on all kinds of medications, not being able to work or live. American insurance will not help to pay for it, as most of the problem is that Spray Gel is not FDA approved. Even when it does become FDA approved, there will still not be the highly experienced surgeon to use it. The surgeon I went to has well over 25 years experience in removing and researching adhesions. There are ways to get the money needed for this. I had family give me money, I also did some fund raiser, borrowed from my husbands company, and borrowed against my life insurance policy. I agree that surgery can make you worse, but only if you go to any surgeon willing to take you. If anyone would like more information about the surgeon I used, just e-mail me at or post here. robin M

At Thu, 2 Nov 2006, Ms Lee wrote: >
>>Anyway, with the fact that this pain could be any combination of endo
>>and/or adhesions on both pelvic organs and bowel, I am not sure who to
>>see for a potential surgery? Do I go to a gynecologist and a bowel
>>surgeon or both?
>This is merely my opinion but it makes me cringe when people believe
>surgery is the answer and it is because of surgery we are all in this
>adhesion hell.
>At some point the surgery option cycle needs to end. Anyone with
>extensive surgical history is high risk and surgeons are reluctant to go
>inside unless the case is "emergent", meaning if they do not you could
>die. Anyone with extensive surgical history is not the best candidate
>because you risk relapsing back to where you were before surgery as well
>as complications you did not expect.

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