Why is my surgeon giving me such a hard time?

From: SueT (T423@worldnet.att.net)
Wed Feb 21 20:51:05 2001

Dr. Wiseman stated in a recent chat, "even the most skilled surgeons will have adhesions come back - the trick is to get someone who will work with you."

Hello everyone. I've only posted perhaps a couple of times here mostly due to the fact that I'm not so sure that I have much to offer in the way of help to others. I'm still learning.

Nearly two years ago, a laparoscopy was performed on me by a very, very skilled surgeon. Endometriosis was found and treated along with adhesions which were lysed. Ovary adhered to pelvic sidewall and sigmoid colon. Until I had recuperated from the surgery, I had no idea what normal bowel function was! With the exception of some monthly pain, I was well for approximately 7 months. Constipation returned, but even worse along with tremendous abdominal distention, pain seemingly everywhere, pulling sensations, bladder difficulties and more. I have now seeked the help of the same surgeon. I have seen innumerable specialists and had many, many procedures performed. The surgeon is insisting that I have irritable bowel. It truly seems as though he just doesn't want to care for me. That scar tissue is out of the question. >From what I have read, this seems to be a common concern for many
people, in that their care givers are giving up. The gastroenterologist for one, would rather not put that label on me until I've had another lap to rule out other etiologies (now thats a switch). Other physicians have stated that yes, scar tissue is a possibility along with others. So what's with the surgeon?????????????? I read somewhere that sometimes the surgeons have concerns about reimbursement from insurance companies due to the nature of the surgery. I have insurance and am quite capable of paying for the balance.

Does anyone have any insight as to why the surgeon is causing me more grief than what I'm already going through? I'm totally miserable. I feel as though I must be insane or something. I feel like I'm being dumped. There was one instance for example, that I made a mistake with my pain meds, stumbled to bed, realized what I had done and thought to myself, "oh well, maybe I won't wake up" and went to sleep.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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