Re: Why is my surgeon giving me such a hard time?

From: Janet Karam (
Thu Feb 22 15:12:48 2001

Dear Sue,

I hope the response of others has comforted and helped you, many of us have experienced this rejection. I did myself by my surgeon who preformed my last adhesiolysis over a year ago. I went to his office and was charged $70 simply for him to tell me "No", he would only perform that procedure once on me.

I think Helen D. and Mary Wade say it best when they say these docs have probably saved us from another surgery that would make us worse...they've seen their skilled hands didn't make us better, and they know they will not get better results.

My general surgeon was acclaime one of Denver' best, and every nurse I came in contact with, recommended him highly...does this mean he is knowledgeable in the treatment and prevention of adhesions? No, in my case, he snipped them, left blood in my abdominal cavity, and only left me to grow more.

I am glad now that he told me "No" last September, I am grateful through this site that I have found doctors who are specialized in the lysing and prevention of adhesions.

Still, I remember leaving his office, barely able to hold back the tears. We are all so vulnerable, and sometimes so desperate...those days come where I've felt I just can't take this one more day...but then I keep on, and look to others and find hope.



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