Re: Why is my surgeon giving me such a hard time?

From: Millie (
Fri Feb 23 21:39:52 2001

Jean, How did you do with Dr. Redan ? He looked at the scar, annd said it looked good. He said it can take 3 months to heal. He said in a few months, he could take a look around. I had myself all psyched up, and got the forms faxed to the office, and this is what happened. I feel extremely disappointed. I can't keep going on like this, but I don't know what else to do. I know she ruined me with that unneeded hyst. Millie

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> At Thu, 22 Feb 2001, Millie wrote:
> >
> >Dear
> >janet,
> >I have been really miserable all day. This morning when I went to move my
> >bowels, it was like no urge, and then some came out that were about
little > >finger thin. Did you say you ever had any type of bowel obstructions? I
am > >wondering if that's my direction. I am so uncomfortable. My belly hurts
to > >the touch. I have heard of those n.g. tubes, and, my God - I am
terrified. I > >have heard how bad they can be. When do they use it? Only when you vomit,
or > >other times?
> >I think I'm full of adhesions.Janet, when you saw Dr. Redan and Dr. Reich
> >for the first time, what did they do? Do they do an exam on you? Do
they > >check your abdomen for swelling? I am so scared of a blockage tonight
that > >it isn't funny.
> >Millie
> Millie,
> I met with Dr. Redan and he didn't do anything hurtful or invasive at
> all. We just talked and then he looked at my abdomen and felt around
> it....that's it, nothing to be afraid of at all!
> JEAN (from PA)
> >

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> >
> >> Dear Sue,
> >>
> >> I hope the response of others has comforted and helped you, many of us
> >have
> >> experienced this rejection. I did myself by my surgeon who preformed my
> >last
> >> adhesiolysis over a year ago. I went to his office and was charged $70
> >> simply for him to tell me "No", he would only perform that procedure
once > >on
> >> me.
> >>
> >> I think Helen D. and Mary Wade say it best when they say these docs
have > >> probably saved us from another surgery that would make us
worse...they've > >> seen their skilled hands didn't make us better, and they know they will
> >not
> >> get better results.
> >>
> >> My general surgeon was acclaime one of Denver' best, and every nurse I
> >came
> >> in contact with, recommended him highly...does this mean he is
> >knowledgeable
> >> in the treatment and prevention of adhesions? No, in my case, he
snipped > >> them, left blood in my abdominal cavity, and only left me to grow more.
> >>
> >> I am glad now that he told me "No" last September, I am grateful
through > >> this site that I have found doctors who are specialized in the lysing
and > >> prevention of adhesions.
> >>
> >> Still, I remember leaving his office, barely able to hold back the
tears. > >We
> >> are all so vulnerable, and sometimes so desperate...those days come
where > >> I've felt I just can't take this one more day...but then I keep on, and
> >look
> >> to others and find hope.
> >>
> >> Love,
> >>
> >> Janet
> >>
> --
> Jean (from PA)

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