Why surgeons give us such a hard time?

From: Kay in Wisconsin (kaymoran@genevaonline.com)
Wed Feb 21 22:38:04 2001

"even the most skilled surgeons will have adhesions come back - the trick is to get someone who will work with you."

>Nearly two years ago, a laparoscopy was performed on me by a very, very
>skilled surgeon.

Endometriosis was found and treated along with >adhesions which were lysed. Ovary adhered to pelvic sidewall and
>sigmoid colon. Until I had recuperated from the surgery, I had no idea
>what normal bowel function wau s! With the exception of some monthly pain,
>I was well for approximately 7 months.

I have >now seeked the help of the same surgeon. The surgeon is
>insisting that I have irritable bowel. It truly seems as though he just
>doesn't want to care for me. That scar tissue is out of the question.

"Your surgeon is apparently not someone who will work with you"

"Irritable bowel is a diagnosis of last resort. Your surgeon & many others have the same reaction. They feel that they have done the best possible job & therefore there must be something wrong with the GI tract in question (In your case, your GI tract !) I think surgeons get emotionally involved, and when the surgery doesn't succeed, the surgeon's feelings are hurt! Amazing Huh ! "

>>From what I have read, this seems to be a common concern for many
>people, in that their care givers are giving up. The gastroenterologist
>for one, would rather not put that label on me until I've had anotherno
>lap to rule out other etiologies (now thats a switch). Other physicians
>have stated that yes, scar tissue is a possibility along with others. So
>what's with the surgeon?????????????? "See above"
>Does anyone have any insight as to why the surgeon is causing me more
>grief than what I'm already going through?

"He's only thinking about himself"

I'm totally miserable. I >feel as though I must be insane or something. I feel like I'm being
>dumped. There was one instance for example, that I made a mistake with
>my pain meds, stumbled to bed, realized what I had done and thought to
>myself, "oh well, maybe I won't wake up" and went to sleep.
> "Please don't accept any blame for not getting well - nobody is to blame - the only blame is for not helping you now. Find another surgeon"
You are NOT insane. Find a therapist or find a support group or both, until you find a surgeon to help you. >

Kay in Wisconsin

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