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A Patient's Guide to Adhesions & Related Pain (part 9)

Some Success Stories: Room For Hope

One of the biggest factors in the rehabilitation of the patient suffering from ADHESIONS seems to be the removal of feelings of loneliness.  Participation in support groups and other forms of psychological support are a big help.  Some patients have been prompted to lobby for more action on behalf of ADHESIONS patients.  Such an example is Jill Eckman who recently wrote this letter to the First Lady.

Here are some happy endings (or at least beginnings) from my email correspondence: The email has been edited slightly with changes marked by [square brackets].  Some parts of the correspondence have been removed for brevity, as have all names to preserve anonymity. 

CASE #1: ADHESIONS From Appendectomy: New City, New Doctor, New Diet
CASE #2: "Spontaneous" ADHESIONS
CASE #3: 28 Years and Still Going!
CASE #4: Jazzercize, Desperate but Educated!
CASE#5: Doctor Willing to Try ADHESION Barriers But Needs More Info
CASE #6: Relief From Laparoscopy including ADHESIOLYSIS

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