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IAS Advertising Policy


he IAS is a volunteer organization for the promotion of awareness and research into Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD), as well as the support of patients and families afflicted with ARD. With origins in 1996, and founded in 1999, our patient demographics include men, women and children of all ages from around the globe.

Support for the IAS is provided free of charge by Synechion, Inc. Due to our continued growth of patient support groups and needs, we seek donations from IAS members, interested individuals, members of the medical community and for-profit organizations to help defray operating costs and provide additional programs and offerings to our members.

The IAS is not a 501c3 or other registered charity.

To our sponsors, we offer a generous advertising package that provides for maximum exposure to our increasing website traffic.

If you are interested in advertising with the IAS, please contact us for a full media kit or to discuss a customized program.

Advertising on this web site currently takes the form of a text and/or banner listing on our sponsor page as well as banners placed around the central portion of the primary content. Should for some reason the use of a banner not be appropriate, an advertisement will be distinguished by the word ‘Advertisement’.

We will only post text-based and/-banner/graphic based advertisements whose contents we believe to be fair, accurate and decent, and whose products or services we believe to be of relevance to our visitorship and in line with our Mission. We cannot control the content of web sites linked from advertisements placed on our site, but reserve the right to remove links to sites whose content we believe is not fair, accurate, decent or for any other reason at our sole discretion. Advertisements are accepted on the basis of this policy.

For the purposes of full-disclosure, please note that Synechion, Inc., the owner of this web site, consults for a number of companies or entities, including Kevmed LLC with financial interests in the commercialization of products or services for the prevention or treatment of adhesions and related conditions. No client of Synechion has any influence over the editorial content of this web site. Please note that Synechion’s president, Dr. Wiseman, as well as family members, may also have interests in those companies or entities, including Kevmed, LLC. Lastly, please note our list of sponsors who provide financial support for this site, but who have (other than Synechion, Inc.) no influence over the editorial content of this site.

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