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he author and editor of this web site is Dr. David Wiseman, whose biographical sketch can be viewed here.

Dr. Wiseman is a registered pharmacist in the United Kingdom and has a PhD in Cell Biology/Experimental Pathology. He has been intimately involved in research concerning adhesions and related conditions since 1987, as well as the development of products for their treatment and prevention.

Content, including links to external sites is reviewed and approved by the editor. Where possible the following types of links or information are chosen based on one or more of the following criteria:

- they contain reports that have been published in the peer-reviewed medical or scientific literature (for example they are listed in PubMed)
- they link to professional or patient-based organizations whose content would be of relevance to our visitorship and/or whose missions overlap with our own.
- they link to government web sites whose goal is to provide unbiased medical and scientific information to the public.
- they link to news articles of relevance to our audience.
- other than links to sponsors (see Advertising Policy we try to avoid linking directly to web sites of medical professionals unless they contain significant and/or innovative sources of important information (e.g. photos or videos) that cannot be found in sites meeting the above criteria.
- In discussing various products that are of relevance to our audience, we have tried to compile a comprehensive list of all products without favoring one over another as well as to provide an unbiased summary capsule of what is known about that product. Where possible links are provided to the web site of product manufacturers, again without preference.

Content is reviewed regularly and attempts made to correct or update broken links, outdated or incorrect information as soon as is practicable.

We have attempted to provide non-biased, comprehensive information on the site in a scholarly fashion. For the purposes of full-disclosure, please note that Synechion, Inc., the owner of this web site, consults for a number of companies or entities with financial interests in the commercialization of products or services for the prevention or treatment of adhesions and related conditions. No client of Synechion has any influence over the editorial content of this web site. Please note that Synechion’s president, Dr. Wiseman, as well as family members, may also have interests in those companies or entities, including Kevmed, LLC. Lastly, please note our list of sponsors who provide financial support for this site, but who have (other than Synechion, Inc.) no influence over the editorial content of this site.

Please also consult our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Advertising Policy and Disclaimer. This website also contains message board and forums, with its additional set of rules.

Last updated February 2013


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