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Government Recognition


We want to recognize those individuals who have stepped up to the plate to secure Government ARD by securing resolutions in their states:



Let's keep this momentum going, let's get recognition in YOUR state......just ask us and we will walk you through it!

could be the person to secure one of these
important resolutions in your state!

could be the person that leads the charge for all those
afflicted with ARD by securing this important ack- nowledgement that ARD IS a recognized disorder!

Here are Guidelines for ARD Recognition - USA. Simply send your name and address with Zip code
to Tracy of the IAS

You will receive the name of your state representative, a letter and package of materials to submit in securing your state recognition for ARD, as well as reminders for follow-up and
important contacts to help gain this government recognition.

This can all be accomplished via email and the telephone.

What could be easier?

Through efforts like these we have been able to have the term Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD) formally recognized by the US Congress in a Report of the Committee on Appropriations to the House of Representatives on September 7 2004 (see page 78).

"Adhesion related disorder—This little known condition commonly leads to abnormal attachments between the organs inside the abdomen. The adhesions generally are composed of scar tissue resulting from previous operations. Very little is known about why adhesions form more aggressively in some people. Diagnosis of the disease is typically difficult, and surgical correction is often unsuccessful. The Committee encourages NIDDK to investigate this disease, supporting research to find treatments and understand causation and to communicate these findings to broaden knowledge of the disease in the medical community."


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