Don't know which way to turn, at this point

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Mon Jul 23 19:49:00 2007

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OH MY GOD,   Lady you have the same issues has me.  I just filed for Disability.  my right shoulder is now frozen since October 2006. When i was reading  your story, i was going to ask if you have Diabetes and surely enough as I read on there you said it. Type 2.   The best thing to do is keep moving, get off the pain meds and just think this way. (  I am going to always have this pain, but I will keep walking , I will change my diet no more sugar unless I can't help it, take my Diabetic meds, drink aloe juice, take cod liver oil pills and vitamin  E pills, and drink lots and lots of water every day after each meal.  Only take pain meds if I have to get a good night sleep and cant.  THe pain will not go away but these tips will help you live with it. RASPBERRY TEA WITH LIME FIRST THING EVERY MORNING. HELPS WITH THE HOTFLASH.  I don't stay in bed unless i have to, it makes the pain worse.)   The diabetes is what is stopping the healing process in your body from the surgeries.  I have had 3 surgeries.  THe hysterectomy, adhesions all the way up to my intestines, wrap around my back , I try telling the doctor and my husband, but has much as i love my husband to hell with him if he does not get it, he looks at me like. oh I don't know.   I only think of myself now, and what makes me happy,no one else and now i have a better relationship with my husband, only because i don't care what he thinks, its all about me and my pain,   I do what i can do, but i no longer expect any sympathy from my family, they all don't understand.   I will never go  back to work unless I feel 100% well ,   I will fight for my disability claim until i get it.  I worked for 25 years and put money in the system.   Please email me at so i can help you some more. I have done so much research on this.   Take Care

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