Re: Years of pain, years of strain-can't take much more

From: Shali (
Mon Jul 23 19:48:35 2007


Mark, I dont even think MOVING the colon works for anyone extreme. I take 13,000 mgs of calcium or sodium ascorbate [this is buffered Vitamin C - 3 teaspoons] with a splash of Lactulose to FLUSH it thru the area that isnt functioning. Shali

At Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Mark wrote: >
>Dear all,
>At the age of 11, I fell in the garden and impaled myself upon a hollow
>plastic stake that caused severe dameage to my colon. I was given a
>temporary colostomy at the time. Since reversal, I have had a
>ridiculous number of obstructions, resections and adhesiolyses.
>In most cases, the obstructions were treated conservatively. I think in
>total I have had 8 laparotomies. I am now 31 and have 2 children.
>In the UK, I faced very difficult times as a result of so-called health
>professionals treating me as a drug addict (I am not), a hypochondriac
>(I am not) and someone whose apparent physical symptoms must surely be
>attributable to some sort of psychosomatic phenomenon. From 2002 to
>2006, my condition was particularly bad. I had been waiting for some
>years to see the so-called expert, only to be told that nothing could be
>done, and that he doubted that adhesions were the problem, but rather
>non-adhering scars were likely to be the issue. I recieved councelling
>for some time via his clinic treating my condition as IBS. I was unable
>to work, but also did not qualify for any form of social benefit to
>compensate, arising from his refusal to acknowledge the problem. I was
>typically admitted with obstruction aroung 12-times per year. The
>surgeon in those hospitals in wich I was admitted refused to offer any
>treatment other than conservative, as a result of the fact that I had
>been seen by the so-called top-man.
>Last year we moved to France. Within one week of arriving, I was
>admitted to hospital in emmergency and operated on immediately.
>Apparently, I had an incredible number of adhesions, and my bowel so
>damaged that it was hard to believe that I was able to function at all.
>Had I not been acutely obstructed, the surgeon claims that I would have
>had around 3-months left to live without surgery.
>Since the op last year (March/Aril), I had been much better than for
>some time prior. I did not have much pain. I felt strong and gained
>weight. I was able to enjoy my family. I was able to work. Work was a
>bit tricky though, as living in rural France and needing to find work
>urgently, I settled for a very physical position in a charpente (heavy
>timber workshop). This was reasonably OK initially, though towards the
>end of the summer I started to get quite considerable pain again. I was
>forced to quit at Christmas.
>Since then, I had a fairly extended period of unemployment - mainly as a
>result of increased pain, nausea, loss of strength and appetite and
>frequent episodes of severe constipation. I have been hospitalised a
>few times also (in January 2007 with partial obstruction, and otherwise
>with heavy loading caused by reduced motility owing to th reformation of
>adhesions). I am now working as an industrial designer - minimum wage,
>but have until now been able to work from home. The company are now,
>however putting pressure on me by stating that they are only prepared to
>pay me for in-entrepise hours - apparently the secretary has a problem
>with me working from home.

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