Re: Don't know which way to turn, at this point

From: Susan (
Tue Jul 17 19:10:38 2007

At Mon, 25 Jun 2007, Lisa wrote: >
>Hello all,
>After three surgeries--first one for gallbladder removal and ovarian
>cysts, second for ovarian cysts and endometriosis, and the final surgery
>for a complete hysterectomy.
>During the last surgery, I had adhesions all over the place. My right
>ovary was adhered to my bowel. Basically, my surgeon said it was a
>mess. But he did not re-check the gallbladder area, where I was having
>a lot of pain.
>Since my hysterectomy, things have only gotten worse. I have cyclical
>RUQ pain, right under my ribcage, wraps into back/kidney area. It hurts
>in my right shoulder sometimes, and sometimes the pain is all over my
>right side from shoulder down into thigh.
>Sometimes the RUQ and wrap-around pain is so bad, I just want to stay in
>bed until it passes. I have head a CT Scan which showed nothing, I have
>had multiple ultrasounds with nothing remarkable found, endoscopy found
>that I had an ulcer that had healed on its own, and I had the H-Pylori
>bacteria. I had to do the anti-biotic treatment twice.
>The ulcer medication did not seem to help, and my bowel habits have
>changed. So, we tried the colonoscopy,which only revealed a few spots
>of diverticulosis. They just ultrasounded my right kidney and
>ultrasound on pancreas this morning.
>At this point, I need an MD like TV's "Dr. House." There are so many
>things this pain could be, but it doesn't seem like any doctor can
>figure it out, or will take the time to figure it out. Meanwhile, I
>struggle with the chronic pain and useless medical tests.
>I am starting to think it's adhesions, since all blood tests for liver
>and pancreas issues have come out negative.
>I got diagnosed with Diabetes II, last summer, along with the on-going
>PCOS issues I've had forever.
>At this point, I don't know whether to think this is a muscle, joint,
>bone problem, or if this is adhesions.
>I'm just tired of living this way. It's been way over 10 years. I am
>not making up this pain, but for the life of me, I cannot find a doctor
>who gives a rat's patoot about helping me figure out what it is.
>Have any of you experienced RUQ pain, which starts in the gallbladder
>area, wraps around into the right flank, right kidney area, up in the
>shoulder, and sometimes all the way down into the right thigh?
>Thanks for letting me vent.
>Atlanta, Ga

    Who did you use for your surgeon?When I had my gallbladder out.I had a
Dr.Lyons assist my other surgeon to check on adhesions.Dr.Lyons is supposed
to be excellent.Anyway after my gallbladder was removed I have hurt in that
area since then.I had hernia surgery about 2 years ago and supposedly the
surgeon lysed adhesions while he was doing hernia surgery.I still have not
quit hurting in that area and don't know if I have another hernia or what.I
had colonscopy right before hernia surgery and after hernia surgery had
endoscope.I would like to go and have Dr.Lyons check for adhesions and see
what he can do,but am scared it will be worse.I always feel like food is
stuck and eat very little.Lost about 35 lbs in 2 years.I live in Ga.Dr.
Barry McKernan did  my gallbladder surgery while Dr.Lyons assisted.I want to
use just Dr.Lyons to check for adhesions.What do you think of doing this and
have you heard of Dr.Thomas Lyons.Susan

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