Re: Don't know which way to turn, at this point

From: Heidi (
Tue Jul 3 00:20:51 2007


This is my first time to post on this site. I too have had pain from my shoulders to my upper thigh area, often concentrated in the diaphragm, making it very hard to breathe deeply. I was the unfortunate patient of a 'botched' C-section ('98), where the surgeon 'forgot' to sew up my Uterus, yet sewed up the upper skin layers, to close me up! It wasn't until the next day (and my extreme pain and complaining) that they opened me back up to determine their error.

Four years later I had a hysterectomy to try to 'correct' the 'pain' only to make it worse! According to the surgeon, I was a bowl of spaghetti with adhesions! I just recieved the medical records today and found out that the 2nd surgeon didn't use any adhesive 'blocking' material, hmmm...might explain why it's become so much worse than before the surgery?

I'm still working through the pain, especially the daily migraines that result from the pulling. I used to take the pain pills, but along with my Migraine meds, its too much for my stomach and bleeding. However, I've learned that for me, Physical Therapy - deep tissue pulling on the adhesions, where they are stretched past their tensile point, has helped me immensely. I also stay active with water aerobics and try not to 'sit' for too long, because it binds my adhesions 'all over again'! I can actually stand upright, again, which is a great achievement for me!

Let me be perfectly clear, it's not the life that I had before all this started. You see, I was an aerospace engineer...which I'll never be able to concentrate at that level again...not with the pain and meds I'm on on now, but there is day at a time!


Thu 28 Jun 2007, wayne wrote: >
>Hi Lisa:
>I just wanted to let you know, you are not alone with your experiences
>with the doctors. I just want to let you know, not to lose hope (like I
>have so many times.) There are people working on these problems and
>hopefully, sometime in the near future, they will have better ways of
>determining what causes the pain and ways to treat it. I hope by you
>knowing that there are others like you with the pain and frustrations
>out here, together we can keep making "noise" and get the doctors
>motivated. I wish you well.

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