Re: Don't know which way to turn, at this point

From: Marlene Wheeler (
Mon Jul 23 19:52:13 2007

FYI It's hard to say, but I had adhesions after my Gallbladder surgery underneath the liver and it was incredibly painful. I've had them taken care

of by a specialist in Pa. That area is pain free and has been for several months now. Good luck. Marlene

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>Subject: Don't know which way to turn, at this point
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>At Mon, 25 Jun 2007, Lisa wrote:
> >
> >Hello all,
> >
> >After three surgeries--first one for gallbladder removal and ovarian
> >cysts, second for ovarian cysts and endometriosis, and the final surgery
> >for a complete hysterectomy.
> >
> >During the last surgery, I had adhesions all over the place. My right
> >ovary was adhered to my bowel. Basically, my surgeon said it was a
> >mess. But he did not re-check the gallbladder area, where I was having
> >a lot of pain.
> >
> >Since my hysterectomy, things have only gotten worse. I have cyclical
> >RUQ pain, right under my ribcage, wraps into back/kidney area. It hurts
> >in my right shoulder sometimes, and sometimes the pain is all over my
> >right side from shoulder down into thigh.
> >
> >Sometimes the RUQ and wrap-around pain is so bad, I just want to stay in
> >bed until it passes. I have head a CT Scan which showed nothing, I have
> >had multiple ultrasounds with nothing remarkable found, endoscopy found
> >that I had an ulcer that had healed on its own, and I had the H-Pylori
> >bacteria. I had to do the anti-biotic treatment twice.

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