First time poster - Hello and Questions

From: Kim (
Wed Jan 9 14:41:24 2002

Hi everyone. A few years ago, I had a diagnostic laparoscopy. I thought I had endometriosis, and my doctors agreed. (Don't get me started on them missing the diagnosis completely and just putting me on birth control pills.) After the surgery, I was told that I had adhesions, not endo, and was told that most likely the adhesions were from a fallopian tube infection a few years back. Now, I'm only 21 now and had no surgeries before this, so the adhesions aren't a result of a surgery. They figure they formed when I was about 16 (when the pain started). My surgery, at 18 or 19, only reduced my pain a little, since they could only remove about 1/3 of my adhesions because they're on a whole lot of parts on my left side (tube, bowels, etc.). After I have children, I'm told to have laser surgery to remove the other 2/3. My questions are: Are there any infertility statitics available on adhesions? And does my risk of infertility rise considerably as I age? I don't want to wait too long before I have children, anyway, because I'm dying to get the other 2/3 removed. Also, should I get a second opinion on whether the adhesions can be removed now? Thanks, and I look forward to reading and posting here. Kim

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