Jo's letter to Robin

From: Cheryl Cole (CCRYDER752@AOL.COM)
Wed Jan 9 14:44:09 2002

Jo, Thank you so much for your reply to Robin. When I read her Post to board (after being gone so long) I really wanted to reply but the words just wouldn't come out right. You said it all perfectly. Thank you again.

I went to a new Pain Clinic Monday. The Dr. said most pain clinics aren't able to deal with gastro-intestinal chronic pain. He did say that University of Michigan may have a special unit in this field. I am not all that good at "web surfing" but I will try to research it. He is keeping me on the oxycontin and lor-tab. He also added celexa because I am depressed from being in pain for so long. Duh! Since around May of 2000. He also is taking away the zonegran. yippee! Well, it's time for a heating pad and a rest. Hugs to all......Cheryl

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