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From: Jo Eslick (
Wed Jan 9 20:54:14 2002

Hi Kim

Welcome to the board!

Oh Kim, I just don't know where to start, I got chills up and down my spine reading your message.  *sigh* Kim, honey, you are exactly where I was almost 20 years ago now.  Keen to start my family in the belief that it might help reduce the crippling pain I endured month in and month out, my husband and I started planning our family before we had even walked down the isle!

Our eldest daughter Emma, who is now 16 was born the day before I turned 22.  Guess what Kim, my pain didn't improve, my period was still heavy (in fact heavier) and just as painful, and actually continued to get more painful with each passing month.

We had our children in quick succession, 3 daughters in a little over three years (don't get me started on what it was like to be nappy brained for the next 5 years! ha! ).

After three devestating miscarriages, my husband, gyno & I decided it was time for the hystorectomy and time for me to get on and enjoy my life and family..... wrong!  I fell pregnant (oops, yes ir really does only take once *cough* mum to get pregnant, yes you were right!), so naturally the hysto was cancelled and I then endured nine months of unbelievable pain and to tell you the truth I felt like I was in hell. (My story is on the adhesions quilt, please read it & as many more as you can... ).  Fortuneatly there is a happy ending to that chapter of my life, my bright, old soul, wise & spoiled daughter Jessica who is now 9yrs old.

My hystorectomy was finally performed in February 2000 and almost cost me my life.  Since then I have lived with daily pain and challenges that by far exceed the problems and pain  lived with prior to this surgery.

Kim, honey, please, take the advice of a 38yr old been there & done that woman..... don't consider surgery, don't have high expectations that you will have a majical cure with surgery.  What you need to do is educate yourself.  Seek the advice and opinions of as many doctors as you can tolerate (I know traipsing all over the place telling your story over & over again is tiresom, BUT we are talking about your life... we are talking about the quality of your very precious life).  Read, ask questions and then ask some more.  I say it time & time again here on this board - A STUPID QUESTION IS THE ONE THAT ISN'T ASKED - so don't think that your question is stupid, don't feel as though you should know the answer without the need to answer the question, ask it, and you will be surprised by the variety and quality of answers you will receive.

I hope you think about what I have said, and I hope that you will feel comfortable enough to write again often, tell us how you are feeling, let us help, support and guide you... we will do the best we can to be a good friend to you.

love & gentle hugs

Jo (Australia)

>From: (Kim)
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: First time poster - Hello and Questions
>Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2002 15:42:43 -0600
>Hi everyone. A few years ago, I had a diagnostic laparoscopy. I
>thought I had endometriosis, and my doctors agreed. (Don't get me
>started on them missing the diagnosis completely and just putting me on
>birth control pills.) After the surgery, I was told that I had
>adhesions, not endo, and was told that most likely the adhesions were
>from a fallopian tube infection a few years back. Now, I'm only 21 now
>and had no surgeries before this, so the adhesions aren't a result of a
>surgery. They figure they formed when I was about 16 (when the pain
>started). My surgery, at 18 or 19, only reduced my pain a little, since
>they could only remove about 1/3 of my adhesions because they're on a
>whole lot of parts on my left side (tube, bowels, etc.). After I have
>children, I'm told to have laser surgery to remove the other 2/3. My
>questions are: Are there any infertility statitics available on
>adhesions? And does my risk of infertility rise considerably as I age? I
>don't want to wait too long before I have children, anyway, because I'm
>dying to get the other 2/3 removed. Also, should I get a second opinion
>on whether the adhesions can be removed now? Thanks, and I look forward
>to reading and posting here. Kim

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