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Dear Prospective IAS Volunteer:

Thank you for your interest in providing volunteer support to the International Adhesions Society (IAS). We are pleased that you have chosen to provide your valuable time and effort as we work towards the common goal of creating global awareness for Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD).

Please take a moment to complete the Volunteer Data Form and indicate the area(s) for which you would like to volunteer for the IAS. We will contact you regarding your interest and let you know how you can begin helping!  Some projects will be on an as-needed basis, others may be on-going.

Again, thank you for your interest. The few minutes that you spend reaching even just one person can make all the difference!  I look forward to working with you.

Volunteer Data Form

Fax form to:  972.931.5476 or mail to: 6757 Arapaho Rd, # 711, PMB 238, Dallas, TX 75248 

Tracy Joslin
IAS Administrator

Areas in which to volunteer:
Community Awareness
Help create awareness for ARD and the IAS in your local community! Whether you live in a large city or a small town - your assistance is needed! Distribute copies of the IAS newsletter and new ARD brochure to local doctors, healthcare providers, health clinics, hospitals and co-workers.
Database Development
Keeping our database current is a never ending project. Inventing new databases is time consuming. Help us build databases for various upcoming projects by taking the research and creating a workable list that will be used for e-mail, snail mail and more. Knowledge of Excel & Access (v.2000) is helpful.
IAS Store Manager
Shop @ IAS is a new feature to our website and we need your help in suggesting quality items to sell that would be of interest or helpful to our members. As store manager you may also work with vendors regarding purchases/shipments, etc.
Internet Research
The WWW is a never-ending source of information and your help is needed in locating quality information that you feel might be of interest to our website visitors. Keeping up with current medical news in the field of Adhesions and related conditions is very important!
Library Research
Enjoy visiting the medical libraries? If so, let us know. We have LOTS of research articles to pull from journals and industry publications for our use. This project requires you live in a city with a major medical library that is easily accessible.
Media/Advertising Campaigns
Help get the word out about ARD and the IAS with both the traditional and new media formats. While our website is getting LOTS of hits, we still need to target other areas of the media. Help find other websites to link our URL, contact local members of your TV/radio media, prepare articles for print (newspaper/magazine).
Membership Mailings
Many of our membership mailings can be done via email, but we still may have some mailings done by snail mail. If you would like to help with preparing materials, stuffing envelopes and going to the post office - then let us know!
Message Board Moderators
The IAS Message Board is an open forum for members and visitors to our site to post questions, read stories and experiences of others and hopefully learn that there are others who know what the newcomers are going through. Including; welcome new members, advise of unsolicited advertising, send reminder messages to Board, etc.
Newsletter - Members
In March 2001, the IAS launched its first newsletter. We hope to continue the tradition and need your help. If you have articles to submit, stories to tell - we want to hear about them! Try your hand at being a "cub reporter" and send us an article. Model/Property releases required for any photos.
Newsletter - Support Coordinators
Our Support Coordinators are located around the globe and continue to grow in number. If you are a current Support Coordinator and would like to help with contributing to a new monthly newsletter, give us a call! We need your tips, insight, questions and information learned in the to help other Group Coordinators.
Patient Advocacy Campaigns
Interested in working with spreading awareness as a collective group? Do you feel there is "strength in numbers"? Then we want to hear from you! If you would like to help with future patient advocacy campaigns - writing, making contacts, and more; please let us know. This is on an as-needed basis.
Sunshine Committee
Be a member of the Sunshine Committee and help spread smiles to our members! Send a email postcard or a greeting card to a member going through difficult period of time or recovering from a surgery or in the hospital. Let them know we care! Help with creating an area where we can build a source of "comforting materials" to make the day BRIGHTER
Support Group Coordinator
A very important function in creating awareness for ARD and the IAS is our Support Group Coordinators. Help individuals in your community by being a resource for information and contact. This position allows us to reach so many more people and provide valuable information we would not otherwise have.
Volunteer Coordinator
As the IAS builds its network of volunteers around the globe, help keep things running smoothly by coordinating activities and handling requests for new volunteers. Maintain contact with the IAS Headquarters and help us build our network of volunteers. Design volunteer recognition program.
Website Design/Maintenance
With information changing at the speed of light, so must the IAS website. We are seeking individuals who have a background in website design and development who can assist with expanding our website, creating new content and much more!

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