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From: Tina Shelby (
Thu Jun 10 09:20:47 1999


I have often wondered if all but about 10% of my small bowel was removed - would I be better and what the percentages would be. I am interested in knowing who told you that and what more did they say. I have been afraid to ask about it as an option because it is so radical. I have decided that if I have to have an open lap - I am going to want them to take most of the bowel out. I nearly died my last abdominal surgery and I am terrified of having surgery again. The next time will be because I have no other choice. Thanks so much for the info.


At 04:58 PM 6/9/99 -0500, you wrote: >Dear Brenda, when I read your note, I almost cried because I, too, HATE
that darn NG tube!!!!!! I can almost do it by myself. They are in shock when I tell them which side to use and how to do it. As a matter of fact, if they put it in a little ice, it goes down much better!! I hate it though because it not only hurts my throat but my stomach too. It feels like it is going to suck out my stomach. I don't know what is worse - it or the blockage!!! When I am in that condition, instead of praying for pain relief, I pray that He will just take me home and put my out of my misery!! That way, I'll be in no more pain and I will be with my Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather and Father. I am beginning to contemplate an ostomy (I think that is how you spell it) you know, moving your bowels into a bag, but, I am terrified of this alternative. I was told by someone that this may relieve 80% of my pain because the bulk of my pain stems from adhesions over almost 90% or more of my i! >ntestines and 10% over my spine. I REALLY need some advice from someone
who has been there. Any ideas? >
>>>> Brenda <> 05/02 11:45 PM >>>
>It is so good to have a site to go into and know that I am not "crazy",
>or different.
>Every three months I too go into the hospital with a bowel obstruction.
>They make me lay there for days hoping it resolves itself, this has been
>going on for 3 yrs. since my last major surgery.
>Trust me I do NOT want to have another surgery but I also do not like
>having that NG tube put it and laying there in the hospital being so
>sick you pray to god to get rid of your pain.
>Lets stick together everyone, there has got to be some hope out there
>for all of us!!!!!

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