Good** Morning!**>>>>>>e-mail address I posted is wrong :o)

From: Michele (
Thu Jun 10 10:33:10 1999

Good Morning! The e-mail address listed is one of 2 e-mail addys I have. The is incorrect. My mind, I swear. If you've been sending and replying to another address that's because I no longer post my "main" one on-line. I got SPAM e-mail over the weekend that was terrible. It spoke of starting a site or newsgroup, acting like you were the expert to get e-mail addresses for business. What will people lower themselves to is disappointing.

I've been reading some posts and my heart goes out to you. Last evening, I was gardening (it's how I relax) and I thought, "I can do this, there are others who can't," and it brought me to tears. BUT, fighting to be well and to know what HOPE truly is can help.

Positive thoughts and Sympathy, Michele

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