Re: Adhesions

From: Christine M. Smith (
Thu Jun 10 13:32:55 1999

At Thu, 10 Jun 1999, Tina Shelby wrote: >
>I have often wondered if all but about 10% of my small bowel was removed -
>would I be better and what the percentages would be. I am interested in
>knowing who told you that and what more did they say. I have been afraid to
>ask about it as an option because it is so radical. I have decided that if I
>have to have an open lap - I am going to want them to take most of the bowel
>out. I nearly died my last abdominal surgery and I am terrified of having
>surgery again. The next time will be because I have no other choice. Thanks
>so much for the info.

Hi Tina: I'm really not sure how much 10 % of the bowel is, but I really doubt that a surgeon would do what you are suggesting unless your life was in danger. Possibly the large intestine, giving you an ileostomy, but I don't think a surgeon would remove a large part (which 90% is) of your small bowel unless it was hopelessly obstructed in multiple places or gangrenous. Sometimes it happens that they end up resecting a lot of the bowel in the long run, but it is usually by increments, meaning multiple surgeries. Your small bowel is too important for them to risk losing most of it. (unless your life was in danger) It is called "short gut syndrome" and you can't absorb enough nutrients to sustain your life so you have to be fed artificially (TPN). I'm not a doctor so I could be wrong, it never hurts to ask, but this is my impression.

Chris S.

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