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From: Karen O'Keefe (
Thu Jun 10 08:51:49 1999

Hi Christine,

That was great food for thought. I've had a mixture of docs - some really did not care but others do and simply get frustrated because they cannot "cure" me. I think most doctors start out their career with a deep desire to help everyone and it must be difficult for them to encounter patients for whom they can not provide relief. Perhaps this contributes to our being passed around from doctor to doctor. I just thank my lucky stars that they don't use leeches or operate without anesthesia anymore !!! Can you imagine? Ohhhh....

Personally, I think the journal of medical records is a good idea, especially since we are asked to provide that info again and again. It's much easier for the doctor and his staff if we can just photocopy the pieces they need and bring them with us to our appointment. I suppose it's our approach in presenting that information that needs to be done carefully. But we should all be participants in our ongoing medical care - after all, it is our bodies they are working on.

Just my thoughts for the day...thanks for your thought-provoking post!


> Hi!
> I'm getting a little tired/annoyed/worried,upset whatever about the
> doctor bashing that's starting to occur on this forum on a regular
> basis. True, there are doctors who do not "meet our needs" as the
> expression goes. (as there are in every profession. Did you love all
> your teachers and think all of them were good at what they did?
> Nooooooo.At least we have a choice (usually) with doctors, most of us
> were stuck with teachers for at least a year) It's also true that I'm
> not always 100% happy with my doctor, as my posts have sometimes
> indicated. Sometimes I think he isn't listening as well as he should or
> his office doesn't call me back quick enough. But he has always been
> caring and concerned about my problem. I have never gotten the
> impression from ANY doctor I've seen about this problem-2 gynecologists,
> a GI doc, a colo-rectal doc, my internist pcp, and a general
> surgeon-that they don't believe me or don't care. It is obvious to me
> that they are concerned that they aren't helping me as well as they (and
> I) would like. They are in the business to help people! It is not their
> fault that we are in chronic pain!!!! It is also not their fault that
> enough research isn't being done on this problem. (or on a lot of other
> problems) Maybe I'm lucky and there is something special about Maine
> doctors.
> So, this is just my impression that I'm getting lately, please don't
> criticize me for it. Ask yourself if YOU are communicating to your
> doctor as well as you could be. They are not God. Instead of fuming,
> take an active role and insist on being treated the way you want to be.
> I work on a nursing unit in a hospital and see how some people can do
> this very well without being obnoxious. Someone on another forum wrote
> that she keeps a binder with everything in it about her problem,
> research being done, treatments etc. Some doctors would not appreciate
> this "proactive" attitude. The other side of demanding that a doctor
> take you seriously is that you then have to take him seriously and
> respect his professional opinion. I don't mean you have to trust him
> "blindly" but you can't just pick and choose what you want to hear and
> do. If you can't do that, then its probably time to find another
> doctor. If you can never do that then you are going to have trouble
> with doctors. They are only people. How would you feel if the roles
> were reversed and a patient came to you demanding a certain treatment
> and was not interested in your opinion?
> I know this is really hard to do when you are beaten down by chronic
> pain. Chronic pain stinks.
> Chris S.

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