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Fri Jul 8 07:20:22 2011

Thanks for the reply Dawn! Oh it sooooooooooooo tests the patience of "patients" being under the hand of Big Pharma and its associates. I feel so hung out to dry with the possibility of more small bowel obstructions. A few mos. back I called Anthem BCBS (they were my carrier at my previous job and through the 15 mos. on Cobra. I explained to them that my Cobra was going to end on 6/30 and that I wanted to continue w/them after it ended -- they told me I could continue on w/them, BUT they would not cover any small bowel surgeries till after a 12 month period wherein I was free of small bowel obs -- AAAARGH!!! Besides, the insurance would have cost more than the rent for my apartment.

I signed up with I CAN Health, but still they won't cover the pre-exiting SBO for 12 months either.

HOW do they get to call an obstruction a pre-existing condition anyway???? If it's not a disease, and it's not a certainty we will have them, how can it be classified as a condition??????????????? AND if it IS indeed a condition, WHY can't we get disability???????????? Who in the world will want to hire you if you have re-occuring surgeries and major time missed???? UGH!!!

Sorry for the rant, I am soooooooooooooooo fed up with it all. :0(

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>Health insurance is tricky but most states have a clause in which
>pre-existing conditions do not apply if there is no break in coverage. 
>Check out the insurance commissioners page on your state government web
>site.  They should have the details.  Then simply purchase individual
>insurance, most times it is less expensive than cobra.

>As for Obama Care being the savior...don't believe it.  There will be
>problems getting coverage for our specific problems because they are not
>"cureable".  We will fall into that category as the elderly, too expensive
>with no hope for a cure...never mind.

>Hope you can find a great policy. 

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