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Hi,   Sorry you are having such trouble with pre-existing conditions.  Those huge jerks!!!   The best way to scare them into behaving like human beings is to turn them into the insurance commissioner of your state.  You might be surprised what shakes out when you involve them.  Give it a try and let us know how it goes.   Don't worry about the rants, that is what we are here for.  We all have the same feelings and it is so nice to be able to have an outlet.


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> Thanks for the reply Dawn! Oh it sooooooooooooo tests the patience of
> "patients" being under the hand of Big Pharma and its associates. I
> feel so hung out to dry with the possibility of more small bowel
> obstructions. A few mos. back I called Anthem BCBS (they were my
> carrier at my previous job and through the 15 mos. on Cobra. I
> explained to them that my Cobra was going to end on 6/30 and that I
> wanted to continue w/them after it ended -- they told me I could
> continue on w/them, BUT they would not cover any small bowel surgeries
> till after a 12 month period wherein I was free of small bowel obs --
> AAAARGH!!! Besides, the insurance would have cost more than the rent for
> my apartment.
> I signed up with I CAN Health, but still they won't cover the
> pre-exiting SBO for 12 months either.
> HOW do they get to call an obstruction a pre-existing condition
> anyway???? If it's not a disease, and it's not a certainty we will have
> them, how can it be classified as a condition??????????????? AND if it
> IS indeed a condition, WHY can't we get disability???????????? Who in
> the world will want to hire you if you have re-occuring surgeries and
> major time missed???? UGH!!!
> Sorry for the rant, I am soooooooooooooooo fed up with it all. :0(
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> >Health insurance is tricky but most states have a clause in which
> >pre-existing conditions do not apply if there is no break in coverage. 
> >Check out the insurance commissioners page on your state government web
> >site.  They should have the details.  Then simply purchase individual
> >insurance, most times it is less expensive than cobra.
> > 
> >As for Obama Care being the savior...don't believe it.  There will be
> >problems getting coverage for our specific problems because they are not
> >"cureable".  We will fall into that category as the elderly, too
expensive > >with no hope for a cure...never mind.
> >
> > 
> >Hope you can find a great policy. 
> >
> >Dawn
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