Feeling miserable ...AGAIN!

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I am so sorry for your Mother. I don't have answers...I struggle daily with adhesion pain.  Many surgeries for obstructions until they finally removed my large intestine. I, like you continue the search for miracles! May God give her many pain free days! Ginger

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> Subject: Feeling miserable ...AGAIN!
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> Subject: Re: Feeling miserable ...AGAIN!
> I am looking for someone to discuss abdominal adhesions with. This is not
> for me but for my mom. She had baldder cancer 3 years agi and was treated
> with radiation. This is what caused her adhesions. She is on and out of
the > hospital several tomes a year for bowel obstruction. Surgery is not an
> option because of her age. Is there anything that can be done to prevent
> these constant obstructions. I feel so bad for her. Thanks in advance.
> Kathy

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