Another Week in the hospital

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i just want every one to knoww that i appreciate all of u that write on this board . you just dont know how it helps me make it every day . I must admit however that God is also the main help in my life. I really dont know where i would be in this situtation with out him .I am  one also that the doctors will not operate on . The pain is pretty bad at times however thank you all for sharing  and giving as much info that you  can to help each other. may God help us find a way to stop the growth of these adhesion , if you know God help me pray about this demon. stay strong  Teresa

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I just got home from a two week stay in the hospital.  I have been hospitalized before in Nov 2010 and Dec 2010.  I was there on those visits for 10 days so this last visit was longer and I was really in alot of pain.   I only have one bowel (small)  I had a total colectomy in 1996 and I have a J pouch.  I started getting sick in 06 and I have had 5 surgeries since.  I have adhesions and the surgeons will not operate again because it will create more adhesions and complications I don't want.   I have just decided to accept it and I will have to go to the hospital to give my small bowel a rest.  I had the gastric tube, IV's and nutrition.  It was pretty horrible.  That gastric tube is so hard to deal with.  I am home now and I am grateful to be here.  I read your email and I can really empathize with you.  I just went through some very bad days.  I felt hopeless and they just kept giving me morpheine for the horrible pain.  Tests, and xrays and procedures daily.  I am just worn out.   Home now and eating clear liquids and starting back on full liquids.  Tried some food over the weekend but I was in pain so back to liquids until I can get the swelling down some more.    I hope you feel ok and are healing.  It sure is nice to have this message board to know there are other people who are suffering like myself.   By the way, are you in San Francisco?  I will be there for 10 days in August with my daughter and I would like to have a doctor nearby in case I have an emergency.  Which hospital should I go to if I have an obstruction?  Let me know please.  I am in San Antonio.   Betty

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