Re: Spinal cord stimulation device for pain

From: Richard Venne (
Tue Jun 15 22:44:34 2010

I had a SCS implant in Sept 2009. The SCS didn't alleviate my pain but it may reduce your pain as every person's body is different. You can go to Boston Scientific's web site and watch their DVD on SCS.

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Does anyone have this device?

The pain doctor I am seeing suggested I get this spiinal cord stimulation device. The doc does surgery to implant leads and an implantable pulse genoratoon on next to the spine. Then you have a remote to control the impulses. So I guess it is like a tens unit that goes on your spine. I am really scared and just wanted to know if anyone else has ever tried this.

I have tried so many different pain meds and therapies. I have all ready had 11 surgeries. All of the doctors I go to tell me not to have any more surgeries. I feel so despirate for some relief from this pain.

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