Re: Spinal cord stimulation device for pain

From: Kim (
Mon Jun 21 23:34:57 2010

Thanks so much for the support

At Tue, 15 Jun 2010, Richard Venne wrote: >
>I had a SCS implant in
>Sept 2009. The SCS didn't alleviate my pain but it may reduce your pain as
>every person's body is different. You can go to Boston Scientific's web
site >and watch their DVD on SCS.
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>Subject: Spinal cord stimulation device for pain
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>From: (Kim)
>Subject: Spinal cord stimulation device for pain
>Does anyone have this device?
>The pain doctor I am seeing suggested I get this spiinal cord
>stimulation device. The doc does surgery to implant leads and an
>implantable pulse genoratoon on next to the spine. Then you have a
>remote to control the impulses. So I guess it is like a tens unit that
>goes on your spine. I am really scared and just wanted to know if
>anyone else has ever tried this.
>I have tried so many different pain meds and therapies. I have all
>ready had 11 surgeries. All of the doctors I go to tell me not to have
>any more surgeries. I feel so despirate for some relief from this pain.

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