Need a new dr. in NC area, any suggestions?

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Dr Collin Brathwaite, His office is across the street from Winthrop on LI

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> Subject: Need a new dr. in NC area, any suggestions?
> I'll try to make this as short as possible. I've lived on the southeast
> North Carolina coast for the last 20 yrs and have has pelvic and
> abdominal adhesion's, plus scar tissue from 14 surgeries over the the
> last 18 of those yrs...mind you I'm only 43 and spend most my time in
> pain and desperate for help. If it wasn't for the grace of god, my
> wonderful husband and the 2 best daughters a woman can have, i truly
> feel I'd be dead by now! I need to find a dr in my area that is willing
> to help me with my "Special Belly Pain". From what I've been reading
> most of you seem to have pretty good primary drs. It took me months to
> find the one I have and after a year i had a false negative drug test (i
> was on Oxycontin 40mg and roxicet for breakthrough pain}. When they
> sent it out all of my meds came back that i had taken them correctly but
> also did a drug i never heard of; its call dilaudid?? I have never taken
> anything other then what was prescribed for me, so how in the heck did
> that show up?? Has this happened to anyone else? It took so long to find
> her but because of government rules, she's not aloud to prescribe pain
> meds to me anymore. does anyone have any suggestions? She did refer me
> to pain management in my area but they won't be able to help someone
> with my type of pain. thanks for listening everyone your all a god
> sent!

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