Spinal cord stimulation device for pain

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Hi Kim,   I did the trial for the stimulator and I didn't like it.  Have you ever used a TENS unit?  It is just like that.  Electrodes are placed into your back and then you can adjust the speed that you like the most.  Honestly, it drove me crazy.  I felt like I needed the vibration on maximum and even then didn't feel like I got the best pain relief.   Having it vibrate in my back all the time truly was annoying.  However, that is just my opinion,  You never know how you will do until you try.  Hopefully, your doctor is willing to do a trial first?  If not, I'd push for it.   Good Luck!   Cindy

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Does anyone have this device?

The pain doctor I am seeing suggested I get this spiinal cord stimulation device.  The doc does surgery to implant leads and an implantable pulse genoratoon on next to the spine.  Then you have a remote to control the impulses.  So I guess it is like a tens unit that goes on your spine.  I am really scared and just wanted to know if anyone else has ever tried this.

I have tried so many different pain meds and therapies.  I have all ready had 11 surgeries.  All of the doctors I go to tell me not to have any more surgeries.  I feel so despirate for some relief from this pain.

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