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Yes Dr Gerhart does use barrier. He's up on the most current barriers available here in US, and I'm sure else where.. The best thing to do is to just contact him through his web site, and talk to him about things. I had adhesions pretty bad before I went to him.. I don't trust anyone else to touch me.. I'm doing quite a bit better than I was before I went to him...(It been 3plus years.) Yes I'm very aware that scare tissue can come back, especially if your proned to it but I also know what the adhesions can do to the bowel and other organs if it's left indefinately with out using some of the newer barriers.( I had surgery here for the adhesions before going to him, and it messed me up pretty bad, even though I know the surgeon here tried, I will never let anyone take care of adhesions that doesn't know how to deal with them. That's why I ended up in Pa.) I still come on this site occassionally to just check in. A lot of times I have trouble seeing how miserable people are with this problem..And I just pray for people. I think coming here and just having Hope that someone or some new barrier will help, does help a lot of people. It frustrates me to read these letter and see all the run arounds that so many people get with doctors that won't deal with adhesions. We need to all be there for each other to help in the best way we can..No there aren't any 100% guarentees with this condition, but I"m very hopeful that there will be with some of the new research that is out there.(Sorry about the Book! I'm a Nurse and sometimes I get going on this.)

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> Does Dr. Gerhart use the adhesion barrier? If not, the surgery may not
work >
> as scar tissue generally grows back with a vengeance.
> Linda

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> > Dr. Clark Gerhart in PA would be the closest he has a web site
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> >> Hi, my name is Amy. My friend found this site for me and I am relieved
> >> to find support. I had a hysterectomy five years ago.(Severe
> >> endometriosis) About three years ago I started with some pain in my
> >> lower left side. I also have pain in my lower back. It's been about a
> >> year that the pain has increased. In the past six months I have been to
> >> the ER twice. CT scan shows nothing. The doctors feel that it is
> >> adhesions causing the pain, but they discourage surgery. They pretty
> >> much have the attitude that if I can deal with the pain it's better. I
> >> have a high tolerance for pain and really have not complained about the
> >> pain. When I do many people don't believe me because I am not yelling
> >> out and "acting" like I am in pain. The last trip to the ER the doctor
> >> gave me a prescription for Percocet. I try not to take it unless I am
> >> in a lot of pain. I just would like to find a doctor who listens and
> >> cares. Does anyone know of a doctor in Baltimore, MD? Thanks for
> >> listening.
> >> Amy

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