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I had the phenol injection.  I am very sad to say that I did'nt receive relief from the injection.  I continue my search like many others for a solution.  I have sent my medical records to Duke University. A group of Drs. in the Charlotte area gave me the referral.  I hope to hear very soon.  Thanks for asking and God Bless, Ginger   > Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2009 20:08:39 -0600
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>  Hi Ginger, I am curious if you ever went ahead with the phenol injection?
I > have been suppose to go to OHSU in
>  Portland, Or. to see about Celious Plexis block injections. I have had to
> keep putting it off because of no health insurance.
>  I will finally have health ins. on Dec. 1st. I will be seeing 2
specialists > at OHSU for a consult to decide what may be best for me. I hear that the
> Celious Plexis Block will lessen my pain, but probably not take it away
> because my adhesions are more intense than the other patients my Gastro
has. > Oh JOY! So just for more research and info, I am wondering how it all went
> for you. At this time ant type of surgery is just not an option! I don't
> have it in me to have any surgeries. I have had my Mom offer to pay for me
> to go back to Germany to see Dr. K. for surgery again. I have complete
faith > in him. I am not ready that's all. I have been through too many surgeries
> (12). If there was a complete guarantee I would hop right on the gurney
and > go for it. I hope that it was a success for you. When you can, will you
> please let me/all of us on this site know how it went for you. Take care,
> and thanks, Cheryl D.
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> > > Thank you Linda for a response to my e-mail. I saw my Dr. yesterday
and > > > had
> > > a long talk with him about the phenol injection. I have rescheduled
the > > > injection for Oct. 21. After speaking with him I understand that my
pain > > > center uses phenol often on patients. The phenol, once injected in the
> > > neuroma will kill the nerve that is causing the pain. That is my
> > > understanding. I have a friend who is a nurse anethest in a local
> hospital
> > > that I hope will give me more info on this type of treatment. Location
> of
> > > my scar neuromas are in several places on my stomach- above the
> > > belly-button
> > > to the right flank area.

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