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Mon Nov 2 21:42:25 2009

Dr. Clark Gerhart in PA would be the closest he has a web site

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> Hi, my name is Amy. My friend found this site for me and I am relieved
> to find support. I had a hysterectomy five years ago.(Severe
> endometriosis) About three years ago I started with some pain in my
> lower left side. I also have pain in my lower back. It's been about a
> year that the pain has increased. In the past six months I have been to
> the ER twice. CT scan shows nothing. The doctors feel that it is
> adhesions causing the pain, but they discourage surgery. They pretty
> much have the attitude that if I can deal with the pain it's better. I
> have a high tolerance for pain and really have not complained about the
> pain. When I do many people don't believe me because I am not yelling
> out and "acting" like I am in pain. The last trip to the ER the doctor
> gave me a prescription for Percocet. I try not to take it unless I am
> in a lot of pain. I just would like to find a doctor who listens and
> cares. Does anyone know of a doctor in Baltimore, MD? Thanks for
> listening.
> Amy

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