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From: Genyfer Spark (
Thu Aug 27 12:02:28 2009


this is the most crazy delimma in medical science. I often wonder why God in creating our bodies allowed this defect to occur. I am 34 and know this problem so well. Doctors can be a bunch of idiots. The greatest advocate and problem solver in this life is yourself and you have to be your own advocate to get what is best for you, shout, jump up and down do whatever it takes to get the treatment and attention you so rightly deserve, if you don't fight for your rights in this capitalistic society you won't get them. Unless you are rich and famous. I had my appendix removed when i was 12 come 22 i was in such agony for almost two years, i was admitted to the er over 240 times, yes 240 times! I had all the tests the Barium, x-rays, colonoscopy, endoscopy you name it. One doctor said, i had anorexia and yes I did I am 5'7 and weighted 90 pounds, he said, i needed treatment as it is a mental disease I said, i can't eat because i feel sick and vomit what i eat at times I could not even drink water. He said, your tests are normal there is nothing wrong. The worst was a chinese doctor who said, i needed to be on anti-pyschotic drugs as the pain was all in my head. It was in my home I watched an episode on oprah about endometriosis. The side affects seemed so much like mine, i went to my local gp and demanded to be checked. After my laparoscopy the surgeon told me he had never seen such a bad case of adhesions, the adhesions had grown from my appendix scare tissue and literally pulled the caceum large intestine up to my left lung, in an angular shape. I felt so great as Bev said, even a crow bar could not take the smile off my face. Sadly, my problem returned and I had surgery on aug 19 a week ago, he removed adhesions. The thing is I dont feel good like I did my last surgery, my last surgery, i left two hours after, this time, i had so much pain i could not move and was in hospital for three days. My pain has not gone away and i have not gone to the bathroom in 5 days. I have naseua and hot flashes. I can only hope to God, this is all temporary as I do for all who suffer from this. It is crazy how medical science is so far behind in combatting illnesses such as this. I can't imagine how anyone can live with this for 2 years let alone 5 or more. I have too say I am a very strong, defiant and stubborn person, but i had considered taking my life when i first had the problem and the doctors told me it was all in my head, as you can't live, enjoy anything or be anything, whats the point of living otherwise as we are all going to die anyway. Thus I have the greatest respect and admiration for all of you who have endured so much and yet have never given up, there is no doubt in my mind that there is nothing in the world you cannot achieve having achieved so much that others would have given up on a long time ago. May God Bless all and heal you from the inside out and ease all your pain. This my prayer for all, as no one deserves to suffer such pain when they have done nothing wrong. At Mon, 24 Aug 2009, IAS Admin wrote: >
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>I don't understand,  there are so many of us suffering why cant we get
>the recognition and help we need! Debbie
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>Subject: intestinal adhesions
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>Subject: intestinal adhesions
>I need a doctor in houston texas that deals extensively with patients
>suffering from intestinal adhesions.  I have had several surgeries since
>being diagnoised in 1988, the last one in 2004.  After all these years,
>I'm stilled having trouble trying to make doctors understand how this
>disease makes me feel.  I'm so tired of having to convince them that I
>am in pain every day of my life from this.  I went to see a new doctor
>this week that my endocronologist refered me to.  He had a ct w/contrast
>done and blood test.  I explained to him early on that ct scan's, mri's
>or any other x-ray's have never detected the adhesions.  After viewing
>the results, he explained to me that adhesions do not cause pain (I knew
>then I wouldn't be going back to him), and he wouldn't be able to just
>do surgery without any evidence on the ct.  I told him I WAS in pain and
>something was going to have to be done so I can have some relief.  Now
>he wants me to have some type of gastgro workup to see why I'm having
>difficulity keeping my food down.
>The doctor that discovered my problem in 1988 is just tired of treating
>me I feel.  He has started suggesting pain management, which I have done
>before with no relief.  He stated that I need to find a doctor that
>would remove the adhesions and do a tummy tuck at the same time.  My
>stomach has some scars of course, but the surgery in 2004 really did it.
>After removing the adhesions by laproscope (which he had never
>done--incisions were made in the previous surgeries), I was very ill and
>had to stay in the hospital 2 weeks, ( there was no movement in my
>bowel), they started discussing surgery again, but I got very depressed
>and after finally having a bm and eating a little, I was allowed to go
>home for a weekend visit.

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