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I think a lot of us were told it was "in our heads."  I thought I was going crazy because I knew something was wrong. I finally got diagnosed with adhesions after I asked a doctor to go in.  I had them from the top of stomache down to vaginal cuff.  I have since traveled to Germany and across the U.S. for surgeries.  I am back to the pain and suffering once again. I had a pain pump placed in June.  I am not through getting it adjusted. I am praying that this will help. I can't fanthom why there aren't more drs. educated on adhesions.  I am not even sure if my pain doctor really knows what adhesions do to your body. I have learned not to look up to drs. as "Gods" as they are human and if they can't find the problem on a exray, blood test, etc..they assume it is mental.


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> Hi:
> this is the most crazy delimma in medical science. I often wonder why
> God in creating our bodies allowed this defect to occur. I am 34 and
> know this problem so well. Doctors can be a bunch of idiots. The
> greatest advocate and problem solver in this life is yourself and you
> have to be your own advocate to get what is best for you, shout, jump up
> and down do whatever it takes to get the treatment and attention you so
> rightly deserve, if you don't fight for your rights in this capitalistic
> society you won't get them. Unless you are rich and famous.
> I had my appendix removed when i was 12 come 22 i was in such agony for
> almost two years, i was admitted to the er over 240 times, yes 240
> times! I had all the tests the Barium, x-rays, colonoscopy, endoscopy
> you name it. One doctor said, i had anorexia and yes I did I am 5'7 and
> weighted 90 pounds, he said, i needed treatment as it is a mental
> disease I said, i can't eat because i feel sick and vomit what i eat at
> times I could not even drink water. He said, your tests are normal
> there is nothing wrong. The worst was a chinese doctor who said, i
> needed to be on anti-pyschotic drugs as the pain was all in my head. It
> was in my home I watched an episode on oprah about endometriosis. The
> side affects seemed so much like mine, i went to my local gp and
> demanded to be checked. After my laparoscopy the surgeon told me he had
> never seen such a bad case of adhesions, the adhesions had grown from my
> appendix scare tissue and literally pulled the caceum large intestine up
> to my left lung, in an angular shape. I felt so great as Bev said, even
> a crow bar could not take the smile off my face. Sadly, my problem
> returned and I had surgery on aug 19 a week ago, he removed adhesions.
> The thing is I dont feel good like I did my last surgery, my last
> surgery, i left two hours after, this time, i had so much pain i could
> not move and was in hospital for three days. My pain has not gone away
> and i have not gone to the bathroom in 5 days. I have naseua and hot
> flashes. I can only hope to God, this is all temporary as I do for all
> who suffer from this. It is crazy how medical science is so far behind
> in combatting illnesses such as this. I can't imagine how anyone can
> live with this for 2 years let alone 5 or more. I have too say I am a
> very strong, defiant and stubborn person, but i had considered taking my
> life when i first had the problem and the doctors told me it was all in
> my head, as you can't live, enjoy anything or be anything, whats the
> point of living otherwise as we are all going to die anyway. Thus I
> have the greatest respect and admiration for all of you who have endured
> so much and yet have never given up, there is no doubt in my mind that
> there is nothing in the world you cannot achieve having achieved so much
> that others would have given up on a long time ago.
> May God Bless all and heal you from the inside out and ease all your
> pain. This my prayer for all, as no one deserves to suffer such pain
> when they have done nothing wrong.
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> >I don't understand,  there are so many of us suffering why cant we get
> >the recognition and help we need! Debbie
> >
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> >I need a doctor in houston texas that deals extensively with patients
> >suffering from intestinal adhesions.  I have had several surgeries since
> >being diagnoised in 1988, the last one in 2004.  After all these years,
> >I'm stilled having trouble trying to make doctors understand how this
> >disease makes me feel.  I'm so tired of having to convince them that I
> >am in pain every day of my life from this.  I went to see a new doctor
> >this week that my endocronologist refered me to.  He had a ct w/contrast
> >done and blood test.  I explained to him early on that ct scan's, mri's
> >or any other x-ray's have never detected the adhesions.  After viewing
> >the results, he explained to me that adhesions do not cause pain (I knew
> >then I wouldn't be going back to him), and he wouldn't be able to just
> >do surgery without any evidence on the ct.  I told him I WAS in pain and
> >something was going to have to be done so I can have some relief.  Now
> >he wants me to have some type of gastgro workup to see why I'm having
> >difficulity keeping my food down.
> >
> >The doctor that discovered my problem in 1988 is just tired of treating
> >me I feel.  He has started suggesting pain management, which I have done
> >before with no relief.  He stated that I need to find a doctor that
> >would remove the adhesions and do a tummy tuck at the same time.  My
> >stomach has some scars of course, but the surgery in 2004 really did it.
> >After removing the adhesions by laproscope (which he had never
> >done--incisions were made in the previous surgeries), I was very ill and
> >had to stay in the hospital 2 weeks, ( there was no movement in my
> >bowel), they started discussing surgery again, but I got very depressed
> >and after finally having a bm and eating a little, I was allowed to go
> >home for a weekend visit.

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