OK, Why am I such a whimp?

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Thu Aug 27 12:00:51 2009

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Donna Thanks....... I AM in pain managment. I have been in pain therapy for years......... Im just really down on myself for not being "as strong" as other's on here.. I needed to hear your words... Thanks. Kristie

At Mon, 24 Aug 2009, Donna wrote: >
>I think, at times people on groups such as ours want to come across as
>strong in a misdirected desire to "help" other sufferers. This does
>result in sufferers who are in active pain to feel as less than those
>who are so "under control and without need of pain medication".
>Let's try and be a little less self congratulatory and feel what
>others need from us. It's not what you think, it's empathy and
>understanding. There is a fine line between telling others what has
>worked for us, and how well we are doing, to trying to understand
>where others are and being with them right there.
>Just my opinion......not in any way targeted at any individual.
>Donna J
>On 22-Aug-09, at 5:50 PM, IAS Admin (Tracy) wrote:
>> Sender: extrafeetmom@yahoo.com (Kristie)
>> Subject: OK, Why am I such a whimp?
>> I have read a lot of the postings today. It seems I am much whimper
>> than all you guys. I take percocet. A LOT of percocet. I was on 9
>> pills of oxycotin for years, and my pain started to be "less of a
>> pain".....so I got off of those and took percocet just as needed.
>> Well,
>> about 3 months ago, the pain started back and I have to take 2
>> percocet
>> about 2-3 times a day. I never ever feel
>> "high". I can drive and do everything, it just takes the pain away or
>> lessons it so I can function.
>> So why can't I get by with lesser drugs like you all seem to do?

Let's be good to ourselves....Kristie

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