Re: intestinal adhesions

From: linda (
Sat Aug 29 13:56:08 2009

Maybe women are just more outspoken. I wonder if it's because women have more surgeries such as: total hysterectomies, C Section, etc. We need to ask our doctors if women tend to have adhesion problems more than men.

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> I BELIEVE because a majority of WOMEN suffer!! If more men had them, you
> would bet there would be more recognition. Not putting men down.
> Kelly
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>> I don't understand, there are so many of us suffering why cant we get
>> the recognition and help we need! Debbie
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>> I need a doctor in houston texas that deals extensively with patients
>> suffering from intestinal adhesions. I have had several surgeries since
>> being diagnoised in 1988, the last one in 2004. After all these years,
>> I'm stilled having trouble trying to make doctors understand how this
>> disease makes me feel. I'm so tired of having to convince them that I
>> am in pain every day of my life from this. I went to see a new doctor
>> this week that my endocronologist refered me to. He had a ct w/contrast
>> done and blood test. I explained to him early on that ct scan's, mri's
>> or any other x-ray's have never detected the adhesions. After viewing
>> the results, he explained to me that adhesions do not cause pain (I knew
>> then I wouldn't be going back to him), and he wouldn't be able to just
>> do surgery without any evidence on the ct. I told him I WAS in pain and
>> something was going to have to be done so I can have some relief. Now
>> he wants me to have some type of gastgro workup to see why I'm having
>> difficulity keeping my food down.

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