Re: Adhesions and Narcotic Bowel

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Tue Jul 17 19:02:07 2007

At Thu, 12 Jul 2007, Shali wrote: >
>That is not true; I do not have a colon and I am severely functionally
>obstructed along with mechanically obstructed. I had the functional
>obstruction long before any surgeries. Shali
> As long as you have an ileostomy, nothing is going
>>to get through far enough to become constipated anyway, so that point is
>>moot. You might also think about trying a new GI doc.........if you really
>>need one, that is.

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>>Subject: Adhesions and Narcotic Bowel
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>>> Subject: Adhesions and Narcotic Bowel
>>> A recent appointment with a new GI specialist left me worried. For
>>> about four months I have been on various pain meds for my adhesion pain
>>> after a number of abdominal surgeries and an ileostomy. My pain
>>> management doctor finally put me on Methadone 20 mg/day in the liquid
>>> form because of my ileostomy and it has worked pretty well. But I can
>>> tell that without it, the pain seems to be getting worse. The new GI
>>> specialist told me that the Methadone was making my pain worse and that
>>> I should wean off the meds. He offered no alternative to the pain
>>> management, except to eliminate the Methadone and indicated that I was
>>> experiencing Narcotic Bowel Syndrome. I have never heard of this and
>>> wonder if this is legitimate. Even if it is legit, are there not ways
>>> to manage even this? Any advice would be very helpful!
>>> Thanks to all who keep this forum going!

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